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Berrie Schluter

Experienced Sitecore / .net developer

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Experienced Sitecore / .net & Developer

As a developer, I have over 10 years experience in development. I have gained experience with customers in various industries such as government, education and logistics. With the jobs that I have done.

I have acquired knowledge of both Windows Forms Development (Cito, Scheer and Foppen, Kranendonk, etc) as Web Development (Rovict, Informa, De Jong Intra Holidays, Mediq, Dynasource). I feel at home in developing in C#. I specialized in the Sitecore content management system. I have the relevant certificates achieved and I worked on the customer site FOCWA, various websites Mediq and Dynasource.

My commitment to customers has always characterized me, because I'm a team player who can think about the available challenges. Besides my work as a developer I was from 2013 to 2014 (backup) and Team coordinator from a group of web developers. Here I had a coordinating role in the sense as foreman. I am able to finish my work both independently and in a team. I like to spar with customers' wishes and demands on a Web site or application. This translation I make both technically and functionally. When I am unable to do so completely independently, I'm communicative enough to quickly get my answers. In my previous projects I have been also used in addition to a system developer and functional designer and tester. This means that I also have knowledge of components such as infrastructure, User Interface design and project planning.